Verity Milligan said of the image  
"If the power of a photograph is through the viewer’s emotional response towards the image, then this ticks all the boxes. It’s a photo I have returned to again and again over the course of the judging process, and each time it provides something more. I know and love this part of the world, and this image evokes so much of that Hebridean spirit. However, a sense of place does not always a good photo make, and this is a wonderful example of place, conditions and composition all working together in perfect harmony.
Compositionally, the panoramic crop works well, especially with the rocks on the right hand side. The tonality of the image is sublime, with the sky and the sea complementing each other. Long exposures can be such a versatile medium, and the milky softness that this evokes demonstrates technical as well as artistic understanding. Overall, this is the kind of image that reminds me how wonderful the medium of photography can be"

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